Crush the Box: Shooting and Postproduction Techniq…

Richard Sturdevant (Garland, TX) is an award-winning photographer with a keen artistic sense and an ability to create masterful composite images that call to life vividly imaginative illustrations of gods and goddesses, sports stars, superheroes, and even beasts of the jungle. In this book, he educates readers on the steps they can take to break out of the box that constrains too many photographers — and shows them how to achieve unparalleled results that allow them to stand out from the competition.

Sturdevant takes readers step-by-step through his creative process for making 60 unique final portraits. To begin, he explains the technical and artistic strategies used to create the base image. From there, he moves on to show readers how he composited additional photographs or image elements and added effects in post-production to create an utterly unique final work of art that resonates with mood, depth, texture, distinctive color, and a storytelling quality. No matter your creative intentions for your own portraits, you’ll marvel at Sturdevant’s one-of-a-kind vision and reap the benefits of incorporating his creative approaches into your work.

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